Alice Sjöberg

Hi there! My name is Alice. I am a recent graduate from Liverpool John Moores University, where I studied English Literature and Creative Writing currently enrolled in an NCTJ fast-track course with News Associates. While doing the placement for my course with MyLondon, I am also a Lifestyle Editor for Empoword Journalism as well as the Newsletter Editor for The Indiependent. 

How Barbie Became A Modern Role Model

This article was published as part of The Indiependent‘s May 2021 magazine edition. When thinking about modern-day role models, Barbie might not be the first name that comes to mind. The first doll was released in 1959, and since then Barbie has repeatedly reinvented herself. Going from a beautiful ‘model’ who only cared about fashion and beauty, Barbie has now become a role model for young people all over the world.

Facebook bans Holocaust-denying posts

Facebook recently released the news that they are going to ban posts denying that the Holocaust ever happened. The website has, on multiple occasions, been criticised for not filtering the content on the website, as it is one of the biggest and fastest-spreading outlets for ‘fake news’ to circulate the word. This means, by banning Holocaust-denying posts, Facebook will not only prevent false information spreading but also, hopefully, prevent its users from committing hate crimes.

Are MPs exempt from stricter COVID-19 restrictions?

Boris Johnson recently released new laws to try to contain the increasing numbers of Covid-19 around the UK These laws include not being allowed to be in groups bigger than six people, as well as making pubs and bars close at 10 PM every night of the week. But the parliament and MPs seem to be exempt from these new laws. Shortly after the reveal of these new rules, it was revealed that the bar situated in parliament does not have to close at 10 PM, like all the other pubs in the UK.